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Mory Kante


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Mory Kante

Friday 22nd October


Doors 9pm | Onstage 10pm

15 (10 concessions & Regulars)

The Lemon Tree is delighted to welcome one of African music's very greatest stars with his acoustic band for what is bound to be an inspirational and uplifting performance.

The first African artist to sell a million singles with Yeke Yeke, which topped charts all over Europe in 1988, he is an exceptionally talented griot from Guinea in West Africa and was a contemporary of Salif Keita in the legendary Rail Band supergroup of the '70s. His new album is a return to his acoustic roots after a series of high-tech fusion recordings. Guitar, apart his current lineup features only West African instruments - balafon, kora, percussion and vocals - in a beautiful kaleidoscope of sound.

"Kante's waterfall of percussion, swirled towards the high-pitched harmonies of his backing vocalists, found counterpoints in poignant wooden flute and the balafon's enchanted plinking. It was like peering under the lid of a West African music box, with Kante and his soaring tenor at the centre." - Evening Standard


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