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4 Years of Broken Kit


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Here is a selection of broken kit that we just turfed out after 4 years. We've kept all the parts that we could salvage, these are just the left over bits that are totally unserviceable. Most of the items are stands, plus a few cymbals. The reason for failure on all the stands is over tightening.

This doesn't count stuff that's been accidentally removed... for instance we also turfed out two full bin bags of useless 1m guitar leads that were accidentally left behind after people mistook them for our high quality 5m leads :(

Reckon the hardware that we threw out probably cost 2,000 - 3,000 when it was new. To put this in perspective the door charge from approx. 4 punters at a gig essentially covers the wear & tear on cymbals, cymbal stands, drum pedals, and vocal mic stands during that gig.

So if anyone's ever wondered why the house gear in venues is always shagged, this is probably answers that question.



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