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Bassist looking for guitarist to jam and write with.

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I play guitar, have done for about 5 years. I can sing limitedly, wouldn't mind doing some backing vocals but thats about it. Write some stuff as well.

Although I play guitar, I have more fun with bass so would love to switch over to that if we got a little band on the go. I'm not looking for anything serious, just some fun with some original songs!

Looking for a guitarist (and ideally singer/songwriter) to jam with, and get some song ideas on the go before finding a drummer.

Would love to be playing something with a feel like John Butler Trio or The Beautiful Girls although I'm not fussy. Don't really want to play metal or harder rock but other than that open to absolutely anything.

Some bands I like (other than named above): Less Than Jake, Reuben, Biffy, Incubus, Sucioperro, Explosions in the Sky, Minus the Bear, Streetlight Manifesto, Sum 41, The Offspring. I have a pretty varied taste, I even like heavier stuff and some metal, just don't want to play it :p

Give me a message on here, or get in touch on 07528278402 if you are interested.

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me and my mate are looking for a bassist / vocalist for like a boxcarracer type of band if you were intrested in jamming about some stuff

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