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KYUSS REFORMED - 2011 tour


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I just got tickets to see kyuss in Glasgow on the fourth of April

Here for tickets: Buy tickets for Kyuss Lives! at O2 ABC Glasgow, Glasgow - Seetickets.com

Here for more info: Kyuss Reunite For 2011 UK Tour Minus Josh Homme | Gigwise

In summary: they are now called "Kyuss lives" and Josh will not be featured in the line up. However Nick Oliveri, Brant Bjork and John Garcia are all present.

I can't fuckin wait.

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that was my initial reaction but then i thought...."wait a minute, that still leaves Brant, John and NICK!"

i havent seen nick play since the reading festival during the Rated R tour.

i lived a dream that day, literally. i had a dream i was crowd surfing to better living through chemistry but it was being played backwards. i was standing watching them with my cousin (who i'd told about my dream) when a familiar song came but i didn'y quite know it. we looked at each other when the penny dropped with both of us at the same time. it was better living, backwards. i surfed over about 40 feet of crowd and hit the barrier just as the they started playing the real version. i remember looking up at nick in awe.

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You guys like music huh? We should ask the mods for a music sub-forum like we have for Movies & TV and Sport.

yeah, why dont you get on that?!

this is a music discussion and gig announcement. i thought general was more appropriate but knew deep down in my heart of hearts that the mods would probablys shift it. i figured more people would see it this way. this is important damn it.



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