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I thought I'd make one post as I've got a few different things I need to get rid of, and I'm quite lazy.

Firstly a Line 6 Lowdown 15 Watt Bass Amp (I don't play bass any more so have no need for it) It's in perfect condition, literally been played around 10 times. 50, Less than half the amount I paid for it a few months ago at R&B.

Secondly a "Fret 21" 30 watt guitar amp. I'll accept 30 for this as I realise it's a little known make and little known makes aren't held in very high regard. This is actually quite a good amp and has served me well.

Drum kit. It is a "Riks" kit complete with a crash and Hi-hats, there isn't a stand for the crash so I've just been using an old hi hats stand, it's works fine to be honest. Anyway, I'll accept 50 for this kit as it needs some work which I just cannot be bothered doing, it's not much, one of the brackets which holds the bass skin on has come off. It still works perfectly well but if you buy it you may want to fix it.

Set of drum mics, cheap make, can't remember which make, they work quite well however. I don't know much about this kind of equipment but I've recorded with them on my 8 track and it sounded pretty good to be honest.

8 Track, Tascam DP 01 (Blue), I've used this thing so so much over the past year and a half, it's perfect for working out harmonies, recording rough demo's etc. It's a lifesaver, my friends have borrowed it a few times because it's simply so decent. I got it for around 170 I think but I'll let it go for 50.

An "ALBA" Bass guitar, It is a few years old and has a few screws missing in the back where the neck connects to the body, although I'm sure they could be easily replaced. Apart from that it is in good working order and I've gigged many times with it. 35

Custom made telecaster, made by myself. It needs some work but all the parts are there. I stuck a Fender sticker on it, although it obviously is not a fender, I just bought all the parts separately and put them together, through boredom mostly. I reckon you'd be able to fix it up quite nicely if you know how to. 35

Behringer Metal & Delay pedals, self explanatory 7 each.

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