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Battle of the Bands


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Don't we all. My personal favourites are online ones.

I don't know. Personally the online ones really take away from the feeling of cheering on your friends band in person. Raising two hands instead of one when the judges do the vote count and the adrenalin rush just before they announce the winners will never be re-created on the Internet.

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I actually had a Barcode Battler. It was one of those "bug your parents for months to buy you the latest heavily advertised toy that you'll just DIE if you don't have, then finally get it, tear the box open excitedly, play with it for ten minutes and realise it's actually shit before dejectedly putting it on a shelf and never playing with it again" kind of moments. Seriously, it was just balls on toast. All my mates had Gameboys, they were all sitting round on the bus on school trips playing Tetris and Mario, I had the fucking Barcode Battler.

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"Think what you could do with 50 badges???"

now there are many answers to that question....spear a ant, play a very easy game of snap.

To answer the question of what the point is of an online battle, obviously it can't replace the real thing, but it does generate a bit of buzz hopefully giving bands something to talk about and a reason for people to go to their wesbites/myspaces to check out their music, which hopefully is a good thing

following on from the November battle, online battle of the bands for December just opened for entries

Details are here:

Battle of the Bands 2010|battle bands|band competition.

cheers for listening


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. No, let's all go tread around in the sludgey sand and look at rocks, seaweed and other gunge.

I love doing that nowadays...I lost all interest in the carnies after they did away with the 'House of Horrors' waxworks at the beach. (That and going on the scenic railway too soon after a big dinner and a few pints....had to vomit in my mouth and hold it in until we got off). :up:

Anyway....Battle of the Bands.....yass!o_O

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