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Scorn in Berlin anyone ?


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I checked on easy Jet, for flying from aberdeen, to luton, luton to berlin on the 6th Oct(wednesday) and back on the thursday (berlin, luton, luton aberdeen)...it's only 38 quid ! (that's RETURN...)

I am definetly going, see If I can kip with Mick Harris or Matt Jeanes (scorn or Larvae).

for those who like their electro HARD N HEAVY...you should think about this seriously...

here's the whole Europe Tour (for Larvae, (with Panacea, Scorn etc).



LFO Demon

Live at Bastard Am Prater

Kastanienallee 7-9

October 6th

Berlin, Germany

motherfuck! i hope some of you can make it... octoberfest in berlin!

looks like the UK show is a no-go, sucks as i've never been, but i'll

be seeing simon (mothboy) anyway :)

the other Larvae destroys europe dates:

Larvae + Mago

+ Needle Sharing

Live on the 1st of October

at Club Metropolis at Krudttnden

Copenhagen, Denmark


Live at the Maschinenfest Festival

October 1st-3rd

at KuFa

Krefeld, Germany


Live on board of the MS Stubnitz

October 7th

Rostock, Germany


+ Panacea + Hecate

Live at Ateliers Volants

October 8th

Lausanne, Switzerland


+ Picore

Live at MJC Oullins

October 9th

Lyon, France

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