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Uber-cheap Professional Photography


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Hey all!

I am a new photographer in Aberdeen and would like to let everyone know of my service!

I accpet all kinds of photography work, however having been in a band myself I love attending gigs of all types and sizes. I am looking to improve and expand my portfolio and experience of taking band and live-music images.

As such I am currently offering my time free to bands performing/based in and around Aberdeen. Any charges will be purely to cover costs eg. gig entry fee, any physical prints required or if you plan to use the image as a tool to sell any merchandise (although this will still be minimal)

As I said previously I was in a band myself so appreciate that bands don't always have the money to pay for professional shots, so all I'm really asking for is to get into your gig free and to retain the right to use any images to improve my portfolio and promote my own business.

Please take a look at my website DKP: Aberdeen Photography and check out the Live Music Photography section for some shots of the one gig I've done so far! (at the Moorings)

If you have a gig coming up and would like me to be there please email me at andy@dkpaberdeen.com and I'll be in touch to sort out all the details!

Cheers for taking the time to read this essay!


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