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New stanley single monkeys & friends...


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To be honest we have known about the band for a while now so it didn't quite happen that quickly even though I do think they are an amazing band...We also have Weather Barn on the label also so right now its all Aberdeen-tastic...Now without sounding like I am brown-nosing at all but we are a London based label and since we set the label up 18months or so ago we have dealt with quite a few bands from down here and frankly found em mainly to be a bunch of deluded fuckwits...Being a small label we can't offer the world but what we make up for that with solid hard work mind it hasn't stopped some bands asking for huge advances and even flights from the USA for an American band we quite liked and wanted to put a single out by...The crazy world of rock n roll right...

Where we have found our Scottish bands so easy to work with...


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