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Oxjam gig at the Blue Lamp

Graham Knight

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Frosty Jack is a moderator here but was far from moderate at the Lorelei Gig at the Blue Lamp last nigh - he is a pile driving drummer.

Huge appreciative crowd that were dancing around to the Lorelei. Music from the six musicians will be well known to members of Aberdeen Music but I was seeing them for the first time. It is an unusual mix of punk, rock, and celtic - at one point some of the dancers seemed to be doing a speeded up eightsome reel.

My Facebook "friend" Gerry Jablonski, a long established Aberdeen musician, performed an outstanding set.

It was a good night and for charity. A special thanks to all who took part.

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Thanks Graham, I did see you there but didn't get a chance to come and speak, sorry. Was a good crowd last night. Gerry and his band were amazing, they're all super super talented musicians. He's been a local legend for many years right enough, but he's got a really special band behind him now and there seems to be quite a buzz about them. I was speaking to Gerry about it last night and he really seemed to be more excited and confident than he's ever been.

Apparently Oxjam raised more than 3000 over all the venues last night. Great result.

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