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Online drum lessons


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Just wondering if anyones tried or could recommend anywhere in particular for free online drum lessons.

Just starting out and wondering what the best sites are.

So far ive only tried freedrumlessons.com and they seem arite.

Also just any general advice would be greatly appreciated.

As a note the genres i would be looking to play would be mainly hardcore and maybe a bit of drum and bass.


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I find online lessons to be a pain in the ass, at least the ones on youtube are. My advice is to get someone to show you the basics (how to hold yer sticks and kick your kick) and take it from there yourself. If you hit any bumps, which you probably will, get a pal with mad-good skills to correct you. If you play guitar already you should be fine to teach yourself as all you need is to enjoy playing the instrument and a bit of the old elbow grease. I found the easiest way of learning was to listen to bands and pick out the drum parts and practice them till you can play them beat for beat. Blue Album by Weezer is an excellent place to start. In terms of learning hardcore drumming, you're honestly best to learn the really easy stuff until you are really good at it instead of learning some Killswitch (are they hardcore? I don't really know) from the off. If you're ever going to be a good drummer, you need to be able to groove first and lay down some Billy Jean as tight as a chickens ass.

I digressed a lot from the topic there so sorry.

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Yeh i had been thinking about trying to get a mate to give me a hand or possibly just getting some lessons to get me started. I take your point about the not jumping into it too quick aswell. Ill maybe try doing some simple stuff by ear like you said.

Thanks man :up:

Don't listen to Moose. That's how he learned and he turned out pretty shit.

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Get yourself a copy of Rhythm Magazine and take a look at the DVD they give away each month. On that there is a getting started section that may help. The DVD is well produced and the notation is in the mag to help you out. I also agree with the other guys get someone to help you and get some lessons. Also check out Amazon as they have loads of DVD's and Books on drumming. There is a good teaching venue in the Bridge of Don called 'The Studio' that opened up last year. They have a couple of electronic kits set up and have a resident drum teacher. My daughter is getting guitar and vocal lessons there and they are really good.

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