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At Musa (33 Exchange St) we are looking to start booking Rock/Indie/Alternative acts, as opposed to our usual jazz/folk acts.

If you are interested in playing - solo or with your band - please contact me via email/PM.

We have gig dates available as of December. There will be a few BrewDog beers in it for you...

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I'm afraid the gannet is a' gone.

BrewDog does now own Musa, yes, but we are still a restaurant - the new BrewDog pub looks after the bar side of things.

I was informed by my manager the other day that the whole 'Musa going rock' thing was a joke (haha...?) and we will still mainly be booking jazz and folky acts. HOWEVER, I am still very interested in booking Indie groups, and maybe heavier rock guys could do acoustic sets - Let me know if you're interested, anybody.

And I think a Rock/Indie/Alternative/jazz/folk/RnB/Soul/blues band with a touch of hip hop sounds great, give me a shout about booking a gig for 2011.

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Hey Musa

How far ahead do you book performers? Say, from April on ish..the performer I manage will be heading your way. He headlined the launch night od the Tilted Wig which was a roaring success. Name of Jerry Harmon, if you'd be interested



Hi Ciara,

I book acts as far ahead as suits the musicians, so give me a shout at caitlinocarroll87@gmail.com to organise a date :-)


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