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Clean My Wounds

For Sale: Jackson Kevin Bond Sig Rhoads..

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A very reluctant sale but I need the funds due to losing me job and have bills to pay...

Tis a very limited guitar features an EMG pickup rather than the original iommi pickup.

Can supply pics upon asking....

Looking for 500..

Comes with Ritter Gig Bag and the guitar is in mint conditon..

Feel free to pm me to arrange trying it out...

If anyone knows me they know this is a harsh thing for me to do as I bloody love the thing n worked hard to get it.. but needs must.

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Gutted you're selling this!

As I owned this guitar previously - I can vouch for the quality of it. Japanese made Jackson. Different to a lot of the other Rhoads models in that it has a mahogany body and neck.

I modified it to have an EMG 85 humbucker with just the single 25k volume pot.

Sounds very thick! I have an example of it recorded if need be for anyone interested.

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to buy another guitar just now or I'd have it back in a flash! :(

Best of luck with the sale Jay! :)

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