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Nice cup of tea and a sit down


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This website is absolute genius if you are into tea and biscuits etc


I love biscuits, personal favourites are tunnocks caramel wafers, hobnobs, custard creams...

here is an extract from the website regarding the bourbon:

"I fear I am going to upset some of you, but I have an opinion of the Bourbon biscuit, some what similar to that of Jennifer Lopez. Both are when described sound lovely and are greatly admired. However I find my self somewhat underwhelmed. I often feel that I'm missing the point with the Bourbon biscuit and by rights should like it a lot more than I do. However, I find that Iwill frequently pass it over , frequenting as it does biscuit assortments, in favor of biscuits with apparently lesser charms. I can quite imagine that some people think that this is about as good as it gets, I'm just not one of them. None the less I still have a great deal of respect for the Bourbon, being as it were one the elder statesmen of the biscuit tin, and showing the Johnny come lately biscuits a thing or two about biscuit design.

The one shown here is a Crawfords Bourbon, also well known for their Custard Creams. As you can see these bourbons have excellent embossing and the regulation ten holes, and you can clearly make out the little sugar crystals embedded in it.

There is good sport to had breaking Bourbons apart to get at their chocolate cream filling, with points being scored for precision and full marks going to complete removal of the cream as a single entity.

Bourbons are also reassuringly uniform in size regardless of the manufacturer. Perhaps Bourbon biscuits could form the basis of an SI unit of measurement, with biscuits being measured in Bourbons e.g. the digestive has a diameter of 1.13 bourbons, or that ocean liner is 7.6 kilobourbons long, or wavelength of light emitted by that Argon/Krypton laser is 46.1 nanobourbons. I'm sure you see what I'm getting at."

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