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UFC 120 (will contain spoilers)


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It was an excellent punch to knock out Hardy, but I really wanted him to win.

The Kongo fight was pretty poor and Kongo is an idiot for getting a point deducted for short pulling - one which would have won him the match.

Also chuffed Bisping won, as well as relieved. Partly redeemed the poor show by the British fighters...

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Yeah, I enjoyed the cheeky smiles as well, but gotta watch those as sometimes it does nothing but antagonise the other guy to take you out. Apparently 2 of the Brits won in the pre-lims. The last time UFC was in England, 7 out of 10 British fighters won their matches compared to just 3 this time round...

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Yeah - 3 out of 8 ain't the best record for the Brits. (laughed when I found out about McSweeny getting TKOd - he's a bell-end) Still think there's more to come from Hardy though. Pretty surprised with how dominated Hathaway got by Pyle to be honest - but Pyle's strength has always been his grappling and his striking's only just starting to get there.

Every single time Bisping got tagged, I was sure that was going to be the beginning of the end for him. Happy it wasn't tho :)

Just wating for Brock to smash Cain next week now... and for Court McGee to make his proper debut

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Bisping looked excellent against Akiyama. I thought it was a bit foolish of him to stand and bang with Aki for so long, but eh, it worked. That's two fights in a row that Akiyama has really struggled against aggressive fighters (although he was winning the Leben fight, admittedly). Guy doesn't just seem to have a lot of ideas when dudes get in his face. Was pretty shocked when Hardy got KTFO too, but Christ, what a shot. Really disappointed in Hathaway, and there's no way that Kongo/Browne was a draw. Kongo is a completely useless fighter: he should be cut if he loses his next fight, imo.

There's not a single fight on the 121 card that I'm not excited about, though. Brock/Cain, Shield/Kampmann, Tito getting his stupidly-shaped head knocked off. God.

Also, LOL @ James McSweeney. What a dick.

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Ufc 127

Ok so I'll be settling down later to watch this, as I haven't been able to organise ESPN to be able to see it live but the mentions on facebook have basically told me who won.

There's a lot of talk over Bisping's wrestling etc... so who saw the fight, inc prelims, and opinions?

I (obviously) think Bisping is ace, although the trash talk before the fight got boring quickly :down: I admit the "Bisping is a dick" video was pretty funny!

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Attempting to stay up for 194 tonight, Dublin has gone UFC crazy since McGregor emerged, there's loads of pubs and nightclubs staying open for it and my Facebook feed is like 100% UFC. I'm just at home watching but already a few beers down so may end up giving up and recording it. I hope McGregor wins, though he does seem like an absolute wanker. 

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Glad I didn't pay for it. Managed to watch all 13 seconds on a live stream of some guy filming his tv with his phone.

irish Poland must be going mental just now.

whats with the weird over-enunciating way mcgregor is speaking nowadays? It's really creeping me out. Most fighters are pretty mental but it seems to me like he's developing a messiah complex. Acting like everything he says is some kind of prophecy. It could all be just for show of course.

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