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Fallout:new vegas


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The feeling of the game has shifted slightly. There's much more depth to pretty much everything

I'm not too fond of the factions.

Do like the weapon modifications.

The map looks a little smaller and there seems to be a lot of cut and paste from fallout three with roads, wilderness, insides of buildings etc. It feels more like a really good

Expansion pack than a new game.

I would suggest the personality trait that adds the "stranger element " to fallout. You'll see what I mean when you create your character. I've encountered a couple of things that wouldn't have been there had it not been active and I'm glad I chose it. (trying not to give anything away).

Botflies look badass now.

That's all for now.

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It got leaked and I have a hacked xbox.

I'd finished reach 2 days before release too.

I was up until 4am playing it. I'm glad to see a few more colours in the game. It's still a bit bland looking at times. (I haven't reached it in gameplay yet but) the new Vegas strip is a medley of colour, just as you'd expect I guess. It's going to make a welcome change from yellow, (desert daytime), or just dark greys and browns(night time or Anywhere indoors).

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