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Musicians Wanted! - Fat Hand goes live


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I've been writing little ditties for a while now and finally I'm getting to the point where actual songs are coming out of it. The time, I feel, has come to start up a live electronic group to take some of the ideas and develop them as live tracks. It's really a collaborative set of people I'm looking for though as all I have are some basic ideas at the moment, so hoping that there are maybe some others out there in a similar position wanting to expand from the confines of their computer!

Where I'm coming from is kind a kind of a funky vibe generally with fairly loose vocals and mashing in a few other styles in there too. Often been told my music sound like it's come from a computer game. I'm starting to embrace the limitations of my vocals now too ha ha. I like my music to be energetic and lively with a bit of twist where appropriate. I generally don't go too dark although I wouldn't mind hitting some NIN style stuff as part of the remit.

In terms of the music I want to have as much of it played as possible rather than standing behind computers and just controlling midi tracks. There has to be movement on stage. If it means cutting down the complexity that can often get all too engrossing with electronic tunes then I'm all for that. What would be great is if anyone who wants to get involved can play keyboard and also be able to pick up a guitar, bass, drum kit or the other way round!

There must be some folk out there with their own synths and bits of gear but if you are dead keen and don't have anything that could be classed as a plug in and play type instrument what I can bring to the table instrument wise is:

MPC 2500

Various drum pads

Access Virus TI Polar

Roland JP8000

Juno 6

Moog MG-1 Concertmate


Korg Kaossilator + Kaoss Pad 3

Roland stage piano

Nord Electro 3

Various other keys and toys... oh yeah and my other instrument is saxophone. I was also toying with the idea of picking up one of the new Roland AX synths.

If you are interested in discussing potentially getting involved then reply below or send me a message. Ideally if you are coming from a similar background to me I'd like to hear some examples of what you've been recording so leave a link or send me something to download.

I'll start, you can check out a few of my tracks on http://www.facebook.com/fathandof or if you prefer myspace http://www.myspace/com/fathandof

The most recent one I put up is called Deep Down, probably the closest I've gotten to the style of what I'd want to pull off live.

Oh yeah, finally influences... for me they are many and varied. I'll go from Soul and Funk to crazy Japanese electro. Been trying to get some classical style into some of my more recent tracks. Anyway, that's me done my pitch, I'm open to ideas.

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