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Squier 72 Custom Tele Copy (P90 Pickups)

Edgar Graham

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Guest davetherave
Youtube'll sort you out I'm sure? They're hot and grunty, sound great with a blues-y overdrive.

These are great little guitars for the money, I've got one in Blonde, (customised with gold hardware), one of my fav guitars. :up:

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at risk of being told off for posting when I'm not buying ......you might want to look around a bit , you could get an early seventies american mustang for not much more than you are paying for a jap re-issue :up:

Vintage 1972 USA-Made Fender Competition Mustang w/OHC! on eBay (end time 30-Oct-10 05:00:18 BST)

or even better , a daphne blue (the coolest colour) 65

1965 Fender Mustang Guitar Daphne Blue L Plate on eBay (end time 22-Oct-10 20:38:39 BST)

postage would be about the same from the states as from the japan , worth a look ?

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Thank you for that, a vintage model is definitely something I will be considering in the future. However, right now I am just looking for something new and reliable. I have read a number of reviews of the Japanese reissues and they are all very positive.

Found a Japanese site who retails the guitar at 530 and ships to the UK so have sent off an enquiry email to find out the cost of shipping.

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Pretty much the middle ground between single coil and humbucker. It's quite thick like a humbucker, but you get that top end definition of a single coil.

I've currently got a 72 Deluxe with those smart Seth Lover Fender HBs in it. Reckon it'd sound much the same or more single coily?

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