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Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum

Rick Faulkner

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Consensus seems to be that vintage drums are superior. The small keystone badged(Chicago) ones are considered vintage.Badge changed to blue/olive around 1970, then to the large keystone(Monroe) badge around 1979 I think. I have a 1968 400 which is a versatile drum but if you want that Bonham sound a blue/olive 402 is the beast for you, but much more pricey.Pitting to be expected on all of these and go for a P83 or P85 strainer rather than supersensitive. Acrolite is the same drum without chrome and 8 lugs. Avoid the Black/white badges, they're made in the Orient somewehere and the shells are different.You could import from the states, lots of choice but add aroud 20% to the purchase price for Customs and vat charges. Hope this helps. Here's a link.

ludwig items - Get great deals on Snare, pearl items on eBay.com!


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