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iPhone 3G 8Gb for sale

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Upgraded to an iPhone 4, so moving this one on.

iPhone 3G, 8Gb, black, unlocked to any network. Phone is in great condition, back has some minor scratches and one wee chip, screen has a screen-guard on it so it is completely unmarked. Comes with box and charger and unused headphones. I've lost the little stick thing that you need to get the SIM card in and out though, but a cocktail stick makes an able substitute :up:

It is running IOS 4, which is not best suited to this phone as it makes it really. fucking. slow. Fully functional, just slow. You can revert back to IOS 3 which will make a huge difference to the performance of the phone, but you might have to get it unlocked again if you do, not too sure about that.

I can get 132 for it on fonebank.com, so I'd be looking for offers around that price.

Any questions, give me a holler :)

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