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The Xcerts - Scatterbrain


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Who else has got a copy?

I love it, Carnival Time is a personal highlight.

What do you think of it? In my opinion it's better than In the Cold Wind We Smile, which itself is phenomenal.

It's fucking ace.

Listening to the singles, I thought "It's not as much as a departure as everyone is making it out to be" but the album really is quite angular and different.

Amazing last night, too.

Only problem is, theres one song, think it is the song Scatterbrain, which pretty ruthlessly rips off Brand News song "Vices". I mean, it's almost literally the same song.

That blemish won't diminish my undying love for this band however. Amazing group, great album, top blokes.

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I really love this record. It's really cohesive; all the songs and artwork gel together to make a perfect second album! Like givemeasmile said, I enjoyed Cold Wind, but Scatterbrain just blows it out of the water. Also, amazing rythm section throughout!

The guys performed the new stuff flawelessly over the last couple of nights when we played with them; with Scatterbrain and Slackerpop both standing out as being belters!! Love the way their guitar tones on the record are so natural to what they play live. Awesome guitar sounds and bass fuzz!

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Second listen definitely works in the record's favour. Wasn't too enamored with it first time round, felt it was over-produced and a bit wanky.

After a couple of listens I now think it's great. Songs are very strong, a definite 'matureness' (for want of a better word) to it when compared to In the Cold Wind....

Scatterbrain plays like a complete album, where at times Cold Wind felt a bit like single after single after single.

It's very dark.

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