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DHA VT1-EQ-Drive valve OD, EQ, DI, h/p for guitar/bass


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Selling my DHA VT1 as I dont use it. 125

DHA VT1-EQ-Drive "Custom Shop"

The VT1-EQ-Drive from DHA is a hand built valve Overdrive effects pedal which uses a 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp valve to provide true valve tone, the tone generated has to be heard to be believed! The VT1-EQ-Drive is suited to guitar, bass and keyboard players looking for subtle clean to crunch valve tone for blues and rock. This model in our VT1 range has a 3 band active EQ with mid range Q, Line in/out, headphone amp plus an XLR balanced DI out.

There is a guitar and bass version available which are voice differently so let us know which one you want when ordering. The Bass version is suitable for Keyboards

Please check out our website for sound clips and forums such as basschat, harmony_central, talkbass and finnbass for reviews and comments.

A review in the UK BassPlayer Magazine descibed the VT1-EQ-Bass-Drive as follows...

"Plugged in this little beauty has a genuine ECC83 valve to warm up your tone and this was immediately noticeable during our testing. Plugged into a passive Jazz Bass the overall vibe was a soft warm blues tones and when cranked at the gain stage, a rather splendid, gritty 60s classic rock grind. Essentially, when you access the VT1-EQ-Bass-Drive, it's like plugging straight into a vintage valve head without the weight and unreliability issues."

There is a "cool blue" backlight which acts as a power on light and it is visable via the valve vent holes. There is also a blue LED for effect on.

Overdrive is achieved by using both gain stages in the 12AX7EH valve/tube to generate the classic valve pre-amp overdrive tone plus a clean op-amp boost is available for extra output volume. It is great with modern solid state amps by adding valve warmth and fantastic with valve amps by overdriving with a true valve signal path. The VT1-EQ-Drive sounds great when plugged directly into a desk or a digital recording setup via the low noise XLR balanced DI output.

The Gain and Level controls let you select that tone you been looking for! And don't forget the volume and tone on your guitar or bass which will react well with the VT1-EQ-Drive just like a real valve amp/pre-amp. There is a true By-Pass Foot Switch which is used to select the Overdrive and EQ part of the circuit but the DI, headphone and line in/out remains on all the time. This means you can use the VT1-EQ-Drive to DI your other effects or just the guitar or bass with or without adding the VT1's valve warmth.

The 3 band active EQ provides +/- 15dB of cut and boost in each range plus the mid tone control has a Q control so you can adjust the sweet spot frequency.

There is a bright switch on this model which boosts the treble when selected without losing the bottom end. There is an i/p pad control which is useful when using active or high output pickups.

There is also a "Colour" switch which selects negative feedback to the circuit, this means more gain and compression. At higher gain settings Colour can push the effect into an almost fuzz tone.

The tone is prue valve, fat and warm and completely different to silicon effects pedals which tend to fizz and compress the signal. Unlike silicon pedals you can use the volume control on your guitar or bass to control the amount of distortion you want, just turn it up for the solo.

There is a selectable boost function. This adds additional clean output volume to the valve signal using a low noise op-amp. This function is very usefull when very low levels of gain are required for clean but fat valve tones. The boost control allows the user to set the boost level.

The output of the VT1-EQ-Drive is connected to a standard 1/4" jack for use with an amp and an XLR balanced DI connector which is in parallel. This means both outputs can be connected at the same time, so the 1/4" might go to the amp for the stage backline and the DI to the PA or desk. The DI is also intended for studio recording as the pedal is really a valve/tube pre-amp so will add warmth to any set up. There is a DI ground lift switch which is useful if a ground loop hum occurs.

There is a headphone amp which will also drive two 8ohm speakers (left and right) at around 1W each. There is a headphone out level and the connection is a 3.5mm stereo jack.

The 3.5mm Stereo jack Line in allow you to play along via the headphones or line out to MP3's, CD's, iPod, etc. great for practising to backing or just playing along with.

The VT1-EQ-Drive runs from a 9-12VDC 500mA (12VDC 1200mA recommended) supply via a standard 2.1mm socket.

( A suitable PSU can be supplied at an additional cost of 15.99 if required, just add this to cost of your purchase. We post a UK version to buyers from the UK and a international version to international buyers. The international power supply has adaptors for operation anywhere in the World and works with mains from 110Vac - 240Vac

DHA VT1-EQ-Drive valve OD, EQ, DI, h/p for guitar/bass on eBay (end time 12-Oct-10 15:27:23 BST)

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