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PSP & 100 games (aprox)

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have a psp with 8gb memstick pro duo i'm toying with selling.

it will come with around 100 games from the very first to some of the newest.

the mem stick alone is about 30 quid (probably cheaper online but thats about what i got it for 2 months ago in currys)

i checked in the game shops and a 2nd hand (scratched to fuck) psp goes for 60.

not sure what i'm looking for price wise but considering it's got the 8 GIG memstick,

custom firmware, 100+ games (ps1 games, psp games, i wasnt counting the 100's of megadrive games and 100's of snes games)..... i dunno.

i'm not convinced i'll part with it but since i dont use it very often if i get a good offer then i will. i'd miss all the snes and megadrive games but since i have them on my xbox (1) anyways....

if you're interested, PM for more info.


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