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Zildjians For Sale

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I've recently shifted to Sabian AAXs, so I am reluctantly selling my 18" Zildjian K dry crash. It gives a beautiful trashy controlled clatter a la Glenn Kotche. Short, dry sustain that doesn't overpower but cuts through nicely. It served me very well right through my Edgar Prais days, and has played TiTP, Belladrum, RockNess and has toured with the Kaiser Chiefs, Noisettes, Pipettes and many more. A great cymbal and a reluctant sale. 55.

Its 17" sister features a very minor crack that has not lengthened at all and does not affect its tone. 25.

75 for the pair. Can't remember the exact RRP but they were ~ 170-200 each new.

14" Zildjian ZBT hihats. Used condition. Far superior to most but, ultimately, they are beginner/intermediate level hats. 25.

Grab yersel a bargain!

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