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Yo La Tengo

Paranoid Android

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For a long time yo la tengo were a band I was aware of but never listened to and then even when I first got one of their albums I never gave it much time.

Over the last year however I've really got into them and now they're easily one of my favourite bands. Makes me feel foolish for sleeping on them for so long.

Any other big fans here?

At the moment I'd rank my favourite albums as:

1. I can hear the heart beating as one

2. And then nothing turned it's head

3. Electr-o-pura

4. I'm not afraid of you and I will beat your ass

5. Popular Songs

6. Painful

That could change tomorrow though, I like them all almost equally. I don't really know the albums pre painful as well. I need to listen to them more.

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Nuclear War is great, I used to play that at my old work and it never went down well.

I saw them at Glastonbury 10 years ago (10 years!! God, I'm old!) and they were outstanding, although they had real difficulty pronouncing Glastonbury, to which they asked the audience for advice. An ever helpful heckler responded with "GET ON WITH IT!!" which amused me.

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"I can hear the heart beating as one" has some of everything that makes Yo la Tengo great. "And then nothing turned it's head" might be their most cohesive album and really flows well, but it's largely showing off one side of the band. I can hear the heart.... is just the essential Yo La Tengo album, it has to be my no. 1.

It's very rare that I would be so interested in the next album from a band who have been around so long and already released so much.

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Just noticed this has become an Aug 2003 thread, why?

Anyhow away to play some of Prisoners Of Love (a Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs 1985-2003) 41tracks

I also agree with Paranoid Android about soo few artists this far on in their career

release interesting next LP's.... (Low come to mind)

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