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Hi hats + kick pedal


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I'm botching together a cheap starter drum kit. Got everything I need apart from the above. I wouldn't be looking to pay much for either, just as long as they are in working order.

Somewhere in the region of 10-30 pounds, 40 max. Just really want something to hit and get tight on.


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Hi Huw, did you get the pm I sent out to you? I've got a Pearl Hi-Hat Stand & single chain drive Bass Pedal that are near new, also a straight cymbal stand if you want it... Phil

I did yeah. Sorry for the late reply, but already sorted by the time I got yr message. Thanks anyway.

If you still need, you can have my old Zildjian ZBT hats for 25nicker. Good hats. No stand though.

Might take you up on that Christy. See how my funds are.

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