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My New Marionettes EP


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We are delighted to announce the release of our second CD!

It is entitled "My New Marionettes", and it will be released on Saturday 9th October.

A song from the CD can now be listened to at our myspace, it's entitled "Her Charms".

This CD was recorded at home and we're pretty proud of what we've done, so as always feedback is much appreciated.

The launch party for this event will be at Snafu on Thursday 14th October with support from Min Diesel.

Check it out!

Many Thanks,


Marionettes on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Marionettes | Facebook

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I have to completely disagree with the majority of views here. I think the songs are sounding good, and the quality of recording is fine, especially seeing the time constraints you were under and the fact it was all done at home!

If I could offer one bit of advice (to anyone!), it's that if you are happy with what you're doing, stick to your guns. Bands who trend hop or who are afraid to try to move on with their sound are, in my opinion, missing the point.

Did you guys re-record She Moves Without Tension? That's still my favourite I reckon.

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Guest idol_wild

I finally got round to listening to this, and I like it. I'm not a fan of Arctic Monkeys, aside from a couple of their singles, but I always maintain you have an Arctic Monkeys feel to what you do, mainly in the guitar work. And I actually mean that as a compliment.

I sort of see what John W says about the vocals. I don't find them half-arsed, though, but it sounds like it's doubled up with the levels increased, due to the languid performance, but it might have been nice to hear the levels down, but with the performance giving it a bit more, akin to the live shows. Essentially, though, that's just a preference.

I should get along to the show on the 16th in Edinburgh.

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Tomorrow night folks!

Guestlist is amassing which is great, thanks to those of you who have been in touch and we will be seeing you tomorrow!

Anybody else just PM me or follow the link at the start of the thread.

Stage times:

Doors - 9pm

Min Diesel - 9.30

Marionettes - 10.15

And after all that the the Juan Mclean will be on the decks, so it'll be a pretty cool after party I suppose so we'll be sticking around for that. They're on LCD Soundsystem's label which can only be a good thing really.

The CD will be 3 and available from Oneup as of tomorrow.

Thanks again guys.

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I would agree with the arctic monkeys comparison mentioned above. I think the recordings are great and now having seen this band I think they are great live too. However, and this is quite a but... I think this band needs to decide whether they are a 'loud' band or a more melodic band. They give it absolute laldy at full volume but that means the things that are great abou the recordings almost get drowned out by an almost punk, messy noise. Maybe this was just the venue but I was totally digging the set for completely different reasons than listening to the recordings. Really full on but if I was to play the cd to friend I would feel like I would have to prefix it with 'oh but they are really loud live.' I dunno if this is criticism. Just an obversatiin. I prefer the live thing I'd say.

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To be honest I completely agree with your drunk (but perfectly coherent, well done sir!!) previous post. I can't talk for my fellow bandmates but I personally think of recording and playing live in a really different way. Live I just like to give it tits whereas when recording, Paddy and I just try to best capture the tunes to the best of our ability. It was our first time recording ourselves with this EP and next time I think we'll give more thought to better capturing the live band dynamic.

Thanks for the kind words and genuinely useful feedback.


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