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Beginner car wanted

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Yes the bus service does suck and its expensive. But is it more expensive than buying, insuring and taxing a car? Add on top running costs and after all that it may even breakdown.

Im happy freezing my ass off at the bus stop. Nothing like listening to my Ipod while trying to avoid eye contact with strangers.

Its how I roll.

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up to 2k depending on car really, by the looks of things it'll be my dads corsa now.. insurance companies are seriously being twats, qouted 1.6k for my dads corsa which is a great car, and 1.7 for my mates corsa 1.0 thats not even quarter the price.. Also seen this on gumtree haha..

Suzuki WagonRT Turbo May PX Cars for Sale Banchory Aberdeen

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how old are you by the way?

ideally go with something small, clio, corsa, saxo, suzuki swift, micra,

but for insurance i dont know which will be cheaper

avoid franchise garages at all cost, eg arnold clark, evans hallshaw at all costs

some local buisness offer good deals on second hand cars such as

murison cars rose hill, new machar motors, i & k, sandy thains

they could sell you a car with a deposit and pay the rest monthly, usually the will have a good warranty with it, just make sure u ask the right questions

or you could buy a damaged repairable car

these cars are written off by insurance and then auctioned off for pretty cheap for repairs, lots of people make a living buying and fixing cars like this

some cars need just a wing maybe a bonnet for example, you can get the parts well cheap also

have a look here

OVERTON GARAGE LTD UK's Premier Online Salvage Auction Site

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