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New Guitar Shop In Aberdeen!!!!!!!!!!


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After months of careful planning

I am very pleased to announce the official opening of


Downstairs @


96 Holburn Street


01224 211311

We are starting properly on Monday 2nd Aug

Even though we arent going to have a massive selection of guitars in the first week but it will grow slowly over time.

We aim to please all the unsatisfied players and future players that dont dig the shops we have in Aberdeen already

And simply try and offer an alternative to whats already there for people

Offering a wide range (eventually) of quality top brand guitars, basses and accessories

We have already secured dealerships with wide range of top brands


What I would really like is

for you guy to tell me,

1, What you would like to see in a new guitar shop in Aberdeen?

2, If a shop is cool what makes it cool?

3, tell any bad or good experiences with guitar shops you wish to share!

Thank you for your time

Any input would be greatly appreciated

Please lets not have any name calling

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Please, please, please value the importance of guitarists who use effects. If theres one thing I hate about the likes of Bruce Millers, it has to be the selection of pedals. R & B ain't too bad though, but I have to say, I don't like their prices.

Oh and amps. It seems that Aberdeen stores are scared to see past names like Laney & Marshall. We could do use a wider variety of brands to go for.

Deary me, another shop to widen the trail round the instrument and mustic retailers of Aberdeen. Never mind, could do with loosing a few stone anyway. :D

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Guest stuartmaxwell

we have already seen how many spots pro sound knock off off bruce millars and r n b already

most peopel went to those shops for the great service

pro sound guitar section should be great, from what i gather people seem to get a say on the stock!!!independant all the way

the repair section has been second to none for me, quick turnover, great prices and great service

good luck shawn!!

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you should check out guitar guitar in Edinburgh - a new shop but very cool.

Has Engl Budda VHT etc. A lot of metal people like ENGL. They have loasd of mesa as well (dunno how well they sell - being out of most people's price range).

Tech 21 are another cool company who make amps.

Line 6 amps are probably good sellers too.

Just a few ideas


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I've always liked the idea of being able to try out guitars/amps in a soundproof booth or something. It's very annoying when you are thinking of buying a valve amp and you can't even turn it up past 1.5 to see if it sounds any good or if you want to try a guitar but don't particularly enjoy having heaps of randoms standing right beside you...it's just not that enjoyable for some people.

On the product sides of things as well as the usual stuff we see in shops here it would be cool to see some alternatives from you. Offer something the others don't in; amps, guitars,pickups and effects. Maybe a good range of Godin rather than the one or two you see about. Do we have a PRS dealer in Aberdeen? What about amps that the others don't seem to carry much of; Mesa Boogie, Orange, VHT, Hi Watt etc etc. On the pick up side of things I never get the impression of there being much choice in Aberdeen other than Seymour Duncan's, EMG's and some other brands? Basically it would be nice to see some genuine alternatives that are still well known brands.

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Guest scott cs.

a wider selection of basses would be cool. the selection on offer in RnB and Bruce Miller's isn't all that great.

as has been mentioned, a second hand section would be popular. take a look at the wanted/for sale forum to see how many people are looking to buy or sell equipment, and thats just the user of this site mind.

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Guest Salty

im with alot of others on the second hand section, that would be so good. and was it tav that said it would good to have little booth you could go and try things out in, that would also be good, even it was just a little room at the back its better than trying to figure out if an amp is any good when cant even hear the thing. but yeh back to the second hand section. if you got the previous owners to write a little bit about the instrument, like why they are selling it, how well they think it plays, if it has any little things that make it extra special or maybe even if there's anything bad about it that could be fixed or worked on etc.

also, if its possible sell like parts of guitars, like the necks and bodies you know so people can customise, is there anywhere that does that in aberdeen already?

good luck with the whole thing!

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Guest DustyDeviada

Just try to keep the prices realistic. i would never, ever buy a guitar from Bruce Millers or R&B, as the prices are just crazy. I've bought a number of high end guitars in the last couple of years, and I've ended up going to Glasgow or London to get them.

Try to do cheap deals on strings, and then people may buy other stuff when they come in for them. This seems to work for Merchant City Music in Glasgow, where a pack of d'addarios costs 3.50.

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Acoustic pick ups - the range in R&B and Bruce Millers is pretty limited. Inverness Music Shop is about a quarter of the size and had more than double the choice.

Secondhand section sounds very cool indeed. Especially with pedals and the like.

!RECORDING GEAR! 4 tracks and a decent range of recording software might be good - manuals to use the things would be even better (you don't see those in R&B or Bruce Millers for some reason!).

Soundproof booths surely should be 1st on the list of music shops? Didn't Top Note on Crown St use to have one (or was that a recording / practise room - canny remember)?

Good luck with it !!

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`the main thing i would be interested in would be some new effects, preferably something other than boss or ibanez ones...

i would be very interested in some cooler more boutique effects, people like Z Vex (i would love to try out a seek trem and ooh wah) and others that have currently skipped my mind

basically lots of cool gear that you cant already get in aberdeen

i had a look downstairs last week, and it looks like you will be a very cool shop.

how much are setups btw? for a banjo to be exact


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I was going to add that as well. Some good/slightly different effects. A nice selection of MXR and Electro Harmonic is always cool but if you can do some others that'd be cool. I don't know if Roger Mayer sells effects through shops but pedals like that would be cool. #

Alot of people have mentioned guitar stuff but you could really capitalise on the bass market as Aberdeen shops tend not to have the best selection...for example there's one Music Man in RnB. Though perhaps there is a reason they have small bass sections?

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R&B used to have a big bass section, with a good range of guitars from budget up to professional quality. That's where I got my Warwick. They also used to have a range of amps. Nowadays they just seem to have small/practise amps. I guess there just isn't a market for it. Bruce Millars seem to have had the same few high end basses in for long enough.

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Thank you !

keep them coming!

I am pleased to read that you are mostly all thinking along the same lines as myself

the brands iv already organised (before I did the post) were













ORANGE (the practice stuff for the moment)


HUGHES & KETTNER (you have to hear this stuff to believe it )








I was totally in tending getting EH and general Boutique style pedals and I will eventually be a

Roland / Boss dealer

As well as stocking pedal boards and power supplies and little patch leads







PLANET WAVE CABLES (the best leads around)


We cant get Shecter coz only Sound Control stores can stock them

Same goes for Spector Basses

Nor can we stock ESP/LTD coz R&B are the stockist in the North East of Scotland

There will be cheap strings and great prices!!!!!!

cool deals all round

look forward to seeing you all

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I'm a girl; I need directions from Union Street! Maybe from Bruce Millars (I never go in but it's a bearing please...)? I fancy a gander at a new shop and I need a coupla packets of strings too, but I also want a play a few different tele's I'm trying to decide on. Hope the venture works out for you and you make a success of whatever you want to do with the development of the shop.

What will your acoustic section be? Hopefully not non-existent!?

The only thing I will emphasise is good customer service. I always feel intimidated when I go into RnB, and I've yet to actually pick up a guitar I've been interested in buying partly due to the audience-ness of it, and also partly due to the little shits that are already in there playing metal all the while - it's un-nerving and it's kinda painful to listen to.

That's the only thing I think: great customer service, reasonable prices, and a good selection of everything. Also knowledge and passion comes across when you're speaking to someone, and sometimes it's just good to go in and yap about new lines/new ranges/new directions.

Hope that's helped. And I hope things go to plan. And yeah, I'll ask again for directions please?!

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hey shawn! congrats and good luck!

i'd like to see someone stocking vintage pedals and amps. stuff with TONE! i want to stomp on a box and dust to fly off! and maybe really unusual creations too would be cool.

as a more standard suggestion what about doing deals on strings like 2 packs for a fiver or something(doesn't have to be a fiver, just some kind of multibuy thingy). same with picks and leads.

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