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UDG Record Bag + Equipment Stolen


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A black UDG record bag (pictured) has been taken from a downstairs room at drummonds. This happened on Sunday the 26th of September between 4pm and 8.30pm. It looks like this:


This bag has two hard drives full of music and visuals which are essential if the Dj concerned is to make a living. He is desperate to get it back.

Inside the bag was:

Audio 8 Soundcard (Native instruments - for traktor)

1 x 500gb icybox HD media hdd

1x1tb seagate hdd

1x midi multicore cable (for traktor)

1Stanton box of 6 styli inc ortofon and stanton 500s

traktor control vinyl/cds

various cables (xlr/phono/usb/svideo)

1xcreative labs soundcard

blue t-shirt

If someone has picked this up by mistake and wants to return it no questions asked, the bag can be left anonymously in the front area at Atmosphere Lighting and Sound, 67/69 Nelson Street Aberdeen.

Alternatively I can offer 100 reward for anyone that can help us to get it back by PM or by email.



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I've just heard that a canon eos 7d(worth 1200) was taken from drummonds at the end of August in another theft. Anyone playng there should make sure they keep there gear close at all times.

In case someone has been reading these posts and is worried about the police, be assured if we get the items back in working order we wont be looking to prosecute anyone. We just need to get back these extremely important and personal items. Its about keeping the dj concerned in work since he needs this equipment to make a living.

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