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Vocalist seeks band influenced by Lanegan, Smith & Buckley

Darth Elvis

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Hey folks,

I'm wanting to set up a new band influenced by the following, Mark Lanegan, Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith, Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams, Tim Buckley and The A.M. Currently sing with Red Man Walking, but am looking to start something more mellow on the side.

I have over 10 years gigging experience and have a lot of contacts for gigs etc, gained through managing RMW and more recently Eric Euan. Have to be dedicated and willing to put in the hours for rehearsals and gigs!

Anyone interested PM me or email me at info@deadanyway.com



The General :up:

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I have to admit I am very interested in this band but travelling through to Aberdeen for practices could be difficult for me :(

Saying that I can't see any harm in maybe having a go at jamming to see if there is 'something' there. I'm a guitarist btw and I might know a drummer who would be interested.

Well get in touch by PM, e-mail or here if you fancy giving it a try...

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