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Stuff for Sale

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Dell Dimension 3000 desktop PC + keyboard and mouse.

Disc drive doesn't register discs last time i checked.


Dell 720p Photo printer 30

Epiphone Thunderbird IV bass, modified strap lock position.

90 (+bag 120)

20 Watt practice amp 40

buy bass and amp together 150

Some Xbox 360 and Wii games:


Supermonkey ball banana blitz 5

Manhunt 2 5

Tomb Raider Anniversary 5

Red Steel 5

15 for all.

Xbox 360:

Lego Indiana Jones the original adventures 5

Need for Speed Shift 5

Soulcalibur IV 5

Mirrors Edge 5

Battlefield Bad Company 5

Left 4 Dead 5

Naughty Bear 10

Halo1+2 5

Halo3 5

40 for all

I'll deliver everything within the city.

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