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Shertler Blue Stick!

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Hi folks,

I have a shertler blue stick (99% sure that is the right name) pickup system in my Freshman Jumbo. It doesn't work and last time I tried to use it at drummonds into a DI box then the PA it just buzzed and squeled and the sound man could not tame it.

I checked freshman's website and they state that the battery it comes with it has a long life expectancy so I doubt it's that. I have had the guitar for about 18 months and as I don't do many acoustic gigs I am pretty unfamiliar with the nuances of the system, and I don;t have an acoustic amp to play with at home but clearly it needs attention!

Any ideas?

I know R&b stock these but I didn't get mine from there. That's right I bought it online and can't even recall the name of the retailer I got it from! Need it sorted before Oxjam!!

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Indeed, however I have only used it plugged in for a combined total of about 3 hours max in that time, as I don;t have an acoustic amp and seldom do acoustic gigs.

Worth ruling it out before considering more expensive options IMO.

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