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some stuff for sale

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arite got some stuff to shift

6 string bass

made by a company called RMS - 125



Marshall Jackhammer Distortion/Overdrive pedal - 20


gtx electric guitar - 100



aria pro 2 bass (ex aberdeen city libaries bass) 150


squire stratocaster deluxe 150


desktop speakers phillips with power supply - 10


judas priest "ram it down" vinyl - 4


Tanglewood Acoustic, missing a tuning peg, needs love and care to get it going hence - 20


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it's the budget "Duncan Designed" pickups came standard with the guitar, bought it new in june last year. If you were interested I could possibly organise to get it to thurso through my work

better photo


review of the guitar is here Squier Deluxe Hot Rails Strat

i really like the neck of this guitar and plays very silky, the pickups are almost as good as genuine hotrails but through a good amp sound decent enough

only thing i dont like about this guitar is that it doesnt sound like a strat when clean


the top is solid, and the model number TW-600

i have no idea if the guitar in a unservicable state or can be salvaged, i got given it by someone but never looked at it


facebook me mofo as i have no phone, you can swing buy sometime and pick em up

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