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A few friends and I started a film production collective a couple of years ago. We mostly do short films. But I couldn't resist doing a video for CODES IN THE CLOUDS. We finished it ages ago but had to keep a lid on it for magazine and website exclusives. But here it is and its out now.

So have a gander at this;

Codes In The Clouds Distant Street Lights (iambic Remix) Official Music Video on Vimeo

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Not a huge fan of the music but i like the video. Obviously a lot of work has gone into it (I know how long it takes to edit just one 5 min video track, never mind two)

Did you use any colour correction/effects? Because I like the tones. What camera? (looks like a 5d?) What software? \questions

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Shot on 2 different Cameras. My JVC GZ HD-7 (3CCD HD but not the best camera) and a SONY something or other 3CCD HD camera we borrowed it from a friend. Both Cameras had DOF adapters. We used old Russian M42 mount 35mm SLR lenses on a home made static ground glass DOF with the JVC. And I forget the make of the spinning DOF on the SONY. But we used old 70s Cannon 35mm lenses on that one.

We wanted a very vintage feel, hence the 70s lenses. We found that the 5d mkII gives you almost too good an image, and finding two people willing to lend them out would be almost impossible.

Capturing from the SONY is straight forward from the DV tapes. But the JVC was a faff with the .TOD file clips stored on the Hard Drive. What is a .TOD? Who knows. It seems to be exclusive to these particular models. We had to use Mpeg stream clip to convert them to something useable.

The whole thing was edited on Final Cut Pro with a Magic Bullet looks suite treatment.

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yeah, mixing solid state and tape in the same project is a total ball ache. The problem with avchd is that it's not universal yet so you think you have a process for converting footage into workable clips for FCP then you use another camera and it records in a totally different format so it's useless. I've got about 3 different converters for the job and every time there is still a loss of quality from the original.

The DOF effect I like very much. That was what made me think it was a mkII. Good work.

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