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Be Like Pablo Update and a Sneaky Bonus Track

2 minutes of hate

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Hi Guys and Girls,

Just a quick update as to what the band are up to since we've been quiet for a couple of months.

We are going into the studio in a couple of weeks to finish up our very first album. There is 3 new songs to learn up and smash down and thats us just about done. Its shaping up to be a very nice album indeed.

We had a good summer of festivals and gigs and have been resting up because we reckons there will be alot of things to do post october. Speaking of which we are playing the ballboy organised edinburgh popfest on the 23rd of october which should be a good laugh. All are welcome...as far as i know.

In the mean time here is a rough mix of a song we did about Daley Thompson. Its not going to be on the album but goddamn do we love that man. Maybe 2012 it will be released, either that or when daley stages his inevitable comeback.

Be Like Pablo - Daley Thompson

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Vinyls are still available from ourselves and the tuff wax fella's.


Be Like Pablo on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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