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www.myspace.com/villagesunsets looking for some local support bands and comedy

oxbow lake

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any ideas or bands/comedians interested give us a shout.

new venue in newburgh, starting up shows.

mostly headliners are from further afield. anything goes. although funky and rootsy headliners tend to work well with everbody up dancing.

but so not to waste yout time i'll try and give you an idea of whats coming up:-

Martin stephenson and his band

plus cross the border


Ray harris and the fusion experience

the oxbow lake


background. We've had play:-

james grant

nuru kane (senegal)

Diane cluck (new york)

samba sene (sneegal via auld reekie) apart from the smiths the best live band i've ever seen.

lou vargo (tennessee)

andy tucker

the moonshiners (bluegrass)

Joe cassady and the west end sound (new york)

jane gillman (texas)

amy duncan

tim scott (texas)

james brown is annie (funk)

paddy rasta (celtic reggae)

woodland roots (reggae)

macumba (salsa ish)

sophie bancroft (jazz/folk)

hell fire club (kick ass country)

etc etc etc

localish bands:-


aka ska


the oxbow lake


maria hall band

alan and mary ann frew

i'm not a big american songbook fan but we've had a few!!

comedy - duncan guthrie and roberto cassani (nah too much swearing) etc

so if you can fit in with this type of good time vibe then email me villagesunsets@btinternet.com

all door money goes to bands. beds, food etc. available.

well promo'd in north



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