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Trading an Ibanez S470 for a "Les Paul" style guitar ..


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Hi there,

Gather round and hear my tale of woe ...

Up until last year I had been happilly plinking away on my Epiphone Les Paul ... murdering songs by the likes of Thunder, Big Country and The Quireboys ...

... but, I always kinda hankered after a superstart type guitar, so I punted my Epiphone on EBay and invested in an Ibanez S470 Black (2008 model) I got it home, plugged it in and hated the tone .... sound was too "metally" for me .. "What did I expect" I hear you cry ?

Anyway, never one to admit I'd made a mistake I threw some money at the problem and had the stock pickups upgraded with a pair of DiMarzio's - a FRED at the bridge and a PAF PRO at the neck ...

... I still don't like the sound :o( to me it is still too "modern" sounding, even though those PuP's have been around for years. It's a great guitar, light and very comfortable with the very stable ZR Trem system, but it's just not "me".

So ... would anyone like to trade their "Les Paul" style guitar (Epiphone / ESP etc) for my shred machine ?

Happy to supply pics of the instrument for you to mull over.

Cheers ....

P.S Not suggesting for a minute that anyone on this forum would attempt such a dastardly ploy but please be aware that I'm not interested in one of the many flavours of "fake" Epiphones :up:

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