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Dean Dimeoflame

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Alright folks, selling or trading my Dean for something a bit more traditional... I've decided I've had too many metal/modern shape guitars.

From MusicStreet.co.uk -

Body - Mahogany

Bridge/Tremolo - Floyd Rose Licensed Tremelo

Controls - Dimebag Traction Knobs

Fingerboard - Rosewood

Frets - 22

Inlays - Dot

Neck Joint - Set Neck

Neck Material - Mahogany

Pickguard - None

Pickups - Dimebucker Treble Pickup, Zebra pickup

Great guitar, in 7/10 condition. Sadly, I've no case - traded this from a friend and he didn't have one either. I've got detailed pictures of any damage, if you'd like to see them just email me and i'll send them on (all aesthetic and small - after all its only a wee ding!). It plays like a dream, I just fancy something different! The guitar is set up in drop B, but I can set it up to anything you fancy.

You can pick the guitar up, I can meet you in the Glasgow region (or maybe a little further if we negotiate petrol money). Looking for 400 or nearest offer... I'll definately entertain offers close to 400, and I'd like to hear what you've got for trade - could be interested in strats, teles, les pauls, you name it!

Cheers! Mike

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Fuck knows why, they're class guitars. I just want to pay off some debts. I DID want a new guitar, but at the mo until I have a new job its a no-no. Ugh.

Seen 2 on Gumtree recently for 600, so I don't think 400 is unreasonable really... Christ knows.

Also, punting some SD LiveWire's, The Dave Mustaine set if anyone's interested. 120 ono with pots and battery snap.

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