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The Room


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'The Citizen Kane of bad movies' is being aired for the second of its two-night stand tomorrow (Tues 31 August) at the Belmont Cinema. I couldn't find the previous thread via the search engine (funnily enough 'The Room' doesn't narrow it down by much), so apologies for the new thread.

I attended tonight's screening, and I will do likewise tomorrow. I swear to God, I have never laughed so long and hard in my life. The film is crammed with classic lines (my favourite is 'you can keep your stupid comments in your pocket' and the heroic repetition of 'I don't want to talk about it'), the plot makes little sense and there are gaping errors in continuity, but it is without doubt the greatest thing that I've ever encountered.

I urge you all to head down to the Belmont Cinema tomorrow (Tuesday). You won't regret it.

PS. I'm not affiliated to the Belmont in any way; I'm plugging the film, not the cinema.

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I think it's great that the Belmont are gonna start doing this kind of thing more often. An indie cinema should be a film nerd paradise and for far too long the Belmont has just been a bog standard cinema with smaller screens and more foreign films. There should be late night horror films, double bills, celebrations of certain directors... That kind of thing. I don't know how the place is run and how much say they have over what they show, or even if there's enough film fans in Aberdeen to sustain a proper independent cinema but the fact they are screening the room and black dynamite is a good sign. When I lived in Aberdeen I made the extra effort to go to the Belmont rather than the multi-plexes but the fact was that the choice wasn't that much different.

Yeah so, the room is incredible. That flower shop bit is a fascinating insight into how to omit exactly zero emotion or trait of humanity when talking. It's not even bad acting, it's like a vacuum.

I read somewhere that he's trying to pass the film off as deliberate now. That's sad, just embrace it bro.

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My God!

Just watched some YouTubes of this abomination!

The "acting" is a real throwback to those 60's Ray Dennis Steckler movies.

Don't think I could handle 90 or so minutes of something THAT ham-fisted.

I wonder if the long haired dude shares the same plastic surgeon as Christopher Walken and Mickey Rourke?

"Oh...Hi Mark" ... GOLD!

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