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marshall amp and digitech pedal

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marshall 8080 - A two channel, 80 Watt, 1x12 combo with an ECC83 pre-amp valve in its Boost channel. It also features Contour, footswitchable Reverb, an Effects Loop plus a Clean/Crunch switch on the Normal channel and an OD1/0D2 option on the Boost. Thanks to its killer features, versatility and tone, the 8080 is currently Marshall's best seller. .

all i am looking for is 100.....they go for more on ebay + postage

digitech RP50 effects pedalDigiTech RP50


Realistic amp and cabinet models

11 amp models

Cab and acoustic modeling

Studio-quality effects:






Rotary speaker



Built-in tuner features an arc array of 13 LEDs

Onboard drum machine with 30 different patterns

20 no mains.......(..25ish + P+P ebay ) if you insist i have a yank mains and a step up transformer yours for a fiver cheers.... don't delay the students are on their way back,,,,,,,,,,all those freshers with grants burning a hole in their pockets :popcorn:

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dont want to over egg the pudding but the pedal sounds shit hot with the amp....its got some ace 80's hair sounds right out of the box with no tweaking required........and it can really push the tube on this amp into some reaaly dark shit

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