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Playstation 3 Fat edition 80GB + 8 Games 250 - Open to offers

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Hey guys,

Selling off my ps3 as i've recently not been playing it at all, hell it's hardly been used since I bought it because I normally play my pc.

So this includes the following.

One 80GB ps3 model with two ps3 dual shock controllers

One charger port pyramid thing for two controllers with blue led lights.

an HDMI Gold tipped 5 or 10 m cable (can't remember)

and 8 Games

These are

Eternal Sonata

Valkyria chronicles

Little Big Planet


Metal gear solid 4: Guns of the patriots

Skate 2

Uncharted 2

and Soul Caliber 4

I'd rather pickup, but i could work out postage, might cost a little more though. I'm situated in portlethen Aberdeen, request if you want pictures but everything is completely 100%. Mint condition.

:up: Cheers

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Give us a starting offer? see where it goes?

As said, it's in the thread title, but for the sake of it

250, open to offers, humour me. :up:

This may be going towards a lovely new prs custom 24, so PLEASEEEE

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