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Can anyone reccomend a good tailor?

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Guest idol_wild
I'm looking to get one of my suits adjusted and was wandering if anyone can reccomend somewhere in aberdeen that will do a quality job.


I can't help on this matter, but one word of advice: if your tailor indulges in "cupping", then seek someone else.

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Guest idol_wild
Without trying to sound too pedantic, I asked for somewhere that would do a quality job. Cheap and fast was not on my agenda. Thanks for the input nonetheless.

Well, without trying to be too pedantic, your original post was littered with spelling errors.

Secondly, you may not have asked directly for "cheap and fast", but you asked for quality. The man said the quality of the job was "good." Also, you said:

cool, how are they for price?

Which suggests, to me, that you possibly are taking price into consideration - so Hugh_Jazz referenced it.

By the way Adam, Tim 'The tool man' Taylor has a different spelling than the tailor I was after.

You're a bright spark. Thanks for the input nonetheless.

I hope whichever tailor you chose is not only really expensive, but takes fucking ages. Of course, I hope he does a quality job, though.

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I took in a few suits for repair to the place on Rose Street and chose the one week turnaround option rather than next day. The work was good quality and price was reasonable so I put a pile of shirts, trousers, jackets and even a set of coveralls and clothes for gardening in for repair and/or alteration.

I think it was less than 50 for the lot but worthwhile to render all the clothes useable again.

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