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Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem with iTunes. At present when I try to load it up I get the following message:

"The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes"

Been searching through the Apple website for troubleshooting ideas but can't see anything that will help. My laptop hasn't been too healthy of late and last weekend went a bit haywire when I was starting it up and went through a diagnosis and corrected faults. It runs like a dream now but I can't iTunes to load up and it is getting on my tits now. I've ran a virus scan and there isn't anything untoward on my laptop.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue and been able to fix it?

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Have you uninstalled and re-installed iTunes? Tis one of the things it recommends on the Apple Support site. I vaguely recall many moons ago having a similar problem where one of my anti virus/spyware/whatever programs had pretty much crippled iTunes by doing something untoward with a working file or something. Give it a bash, if you've got space backup your tunes just in case, never know. Hope you get it sorted.

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