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Fender Fretless Jazz Bass for sale


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Since I'm needing to fix my head I need to sell some things.

Looking to sell my Fretless Fender Jazz Bass. I bought it on a whim a few months ago, but think i'm going to stick with my lakland and stingray.

Comes with a hard case also.

The neck feels great, and the bass sounds awesome.

I'll try and get pictures up later.

Looking for 250 - Would prefer collection, but i can send via courier if required.

The bass is here Basschat.co.uk - the UK bass guitar players' forum - it is the Sage Green one. :)

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Link doesn't work, I think you need to sign into BassChat first and I have forgotten my log in.

I'm interested in this, though - got any pictures?

I'd want to have a wee play of it to see if I like a fretless guitar...never played one before, could that be arranged d'you think? I'm assuming you're in Aberdeen?

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Haha if you use it at a practice you're more likely to get a better feel for it :) so can do that if you like?

That weird thing is a ministar travel bass 5 string.

TOTAL strange to play, you just get these metal bits that you attach a strap to or sit with on your knee.

Weirdly, It sounds pretty good! Just flips over all the time.

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