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Any drummers/percussionists out there?

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Hi Folks,

I am 23 and a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen. I have been working on a project called Seeing Red for about a year and a half now now. I have recorded an EP and played some solo gigs with it and I have started putting together a band to really move things forward and play the songs live. I have many years experience in different bands and locations and we all in the band see it as major opportunity to really commit to a music venture and give it 100%.

We are primarily looking for local musicians (or those with transport) who enjoy our music and can commit to working on the songs already written and will want to contribute to those that will come in the future. Its a postion that would also suit those who can live with money not being in their pocket through this venture from day one and a commitment to regular rehearsals and gigs.

We are also looking to hear from any session drummers that we could negotiate with. We have a hard working and professional ethic so we are trying to keep all aveues open that will allow us to move forward and start gigging.

I have a private rehearsal room and recording space and from us you will get hard working, experienced and focused individuals who will put in the time and effort required to sustain the high levels of ambition that we have.

Influences include: Bruce Springsteen, Biffy Clyro, Bon Jovi, U2 and Damien Rice (Actual list would be neverending....)

It would also be great if any drummers had ability to do some backing vocals or would be willing to give it a shot. This isn't essential though... The prime factor is we need a top quality player to drive our material forward. Also, we will be looking at having practices/gigs 2-3 times a week as a general rule but this is flexible.

Those interested reply to this thread, pm me or preferably drop me an email at seeing_red@btinternet.com and tell me a little about yourself and any links to you may have to you playing on video or mp3.

I will upload some material here over the weekend but anybody who wants to know more feel free to get in touch.

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