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Guitars.... Again


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gunna try putting these on here one last time! please take them!


grandesa 12 string - 180 - dont know anything about this, but it is a dream to play for an acoustic! its old as hell and the neck feels sort of like a classical guitar - comes with hardcase


Legacy flying v - 150 - after lots of research discovered these are basically epiphones (legacy + grainier) bought it ages ago with the crappy EMG hz pickups on it, replaced them with pick ups off some crazy old sg of my dads, now sounds awesome, but i cant stand the shape anymore! has been sitting in its hardcase pretty much since then, played 3 or 4 times, comes with the case



Tanglewood jumbo electro acoustic - 90 - bought new for 379, loved it, untill i got a fancy pick up in my tanglewood 12 string, has just been ignored since! as can be seen some tart in heels stood on it at a gig, bit it could be repaired easily as the hole doesnt go right through, sounds great, action isnt too bad either, no case for this one unfortunatly!

i am open to offers on all of these guitars, and would consider trades

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Hi there Michael!

I had one of these Grandesa 12-strings for 35 years(bought it new in 1970ish), and I loved it!

A few years ago I gave it to my son-in-law, and have regretted it ever since!

I taught music in schools.... choirs, instruments etc. for years, using this guitar as a basic background accompaniment; and I played it for 15 years in a couple of country bands.

Recently, I decided to see if I could find another one.


If you've still got it, would you consider 150 including delivery to Selby, Yorkshire?

It would be easier for me, if you could reply to my email address, so that I can pick it up on my Blackberry........ ragtimeroller@yahoo.co.uk

When you write, would you tell me a bit more about the condition of the guitar, any defects etc?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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