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AGP: THE WOE BETIDES + LOST CITY LIGHTS + THE SIDE + support - Sat 16 Oct - Tunnels

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AGP presents




+ support


Saturday 16 October - 7pm

14+ show

Tickets 5 from One Up, Belmont St and Welcome to TicketWeb!



It began on a dark night in the dimly lit upstairs of a London pub. Grundy le Zimbra and Simon Mastrantone gave an impromptu performance at the infamous Songs in the Dark night using merely handclaps and harmonies. Later, there would be fuzzy guitars, dirty bass and organically farmed beats. But on that first night, the room was filled with the simple sounds of man, melody and uneasy applause.

From the echoes of that sinister evening a band was born, and they stomped and clapped their way around the country, creating as much noise as two boys can. In 2009 The Woe Betides released their limited-edition debut EP Play Dead, a collection of four ramshackle tidbits showcasing their trademark blend of lo-fi experimentalism and pop sensibility. To fill the gaps in their live set they eventually enlisted the help of a mysterious iconoclast calling himself The Colonel and the band took to the road, unleashing an instrument-swapping, energy-soaked mixture of grunge, pop and electronica at whichever haunted house they arrived.

"Enthralling... deft puppet masters of indie." (NME)

"'Sylvia' sounds like prime Rivers Cuomo output... and promptly embeds itself within your psyche" (Artrocker)

"'Sylvia' is English pop with a strange Eno-esque sensibility: subversive surburban you might say." (SoundsXP)

"The arch guitar glam of Subcircus, a pinch of Pavements wayward wonkiness and the power pop chops of Fountains Of Wayne" (Subba-Cultcha)

"Theres something curiously compelling about this melange of fat bass-driven melody and overlaid vocal harmonies" (Tasty Fanzine)

"Some of the most colourful names in pop" (The 405)

"Agreeably grungey and off-kilter... suggesting both Simon & Garfunkel and Josh Homme's Desert Sessions." (Time Out)

"Four ramshackle tidbits of skronky guitar pop. Resolutely lo-fi, DIY, rough around the edges and all the better for it" (Artrocker)

"Left field English alt/folk flavoured pop... Songs that touch on the social commentary and craft of The Kinks... Songs of heart. Strong songs." (Organ Magazine)

"The Woe Betides spin wonderfully blister like crooked melodies that hush, stir and pounce into animation without warning, lush with 60s accents and drizzled with noir phraseology." (Losing Today Magazine)

"Blitzing folk grunge. These voices were made for those guitars, those melodies and those handclaps... Woe betide anyone who doesn't play dead." (CMU Music Network)

"Imagine The Earlies trying to cover Queens Of The Stone Age... crunching riffs and supremely arrogant vocals. Woe betide how dark their next EP can end up." (Room Thirteen)

"There's something dark and brooding about The Woe Betides... sweet, fast-paced chorus, heavy guitars and almost New Romantic-esque vocals. Not too shabby at all." (Stool Pigeon)

"A strong sense of drama... asymmetrical folk-pop with unexpected structures and complex arrangements... Boredom is the Killer is a fine piece of Brian Eno-style artrock" (SoundsXP)

"A more countrified take on Shadow Puppets' '60s romanticism. They have mischief too... (7/10)" (Teletext)

"Razor sharp Smiths style wit... try your utmost to check them out next time they come to your town" (Mad Dog Magazine)

"...highly intelligent, experimental... littered with dark lyrics, aggressive down-tuned guitars and a periphery of strings and electronica." (Fuse Magazine)

"Sounds like the Beatles and Radiohead are in one band and touring in 1987. Original yet familiar." (theknowbodies.com)

"You'll love their irreverent lo-fi scuzz alt-folk assault." (eARmusic)

"Novel time signatures... great harmonies... I was converted." (Subba-Cultcha)

"The Everly Brothers doing grunge." (Blair Jollands)


Lost City Lights are an alternative rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland formed in mid-2009. After completing their second U.K. tour and releasing singles digitally worldwide; Fading With the Memories and Radio Superman they are looking to take their explosive live performance to the next level.

Having supported Funeral for a Friend, Twin Atlantic, Tommy Reilly and Sky Larkin in the last 6 months the band have gained an astounding reputation on the live scene in both their hometown and around the U.K.


The Side have made giant leaps recently. From support slots at the O2 Arena in London to gracing the stage at Rockness and Belladrum festivals. Their song inspired by Ross Countys giant killing feat against Celtic was played at the Scottish Cup Final and gained the band a much wider fanbase. Ones to watch.

"I love them" Janice Long, Radio 2

"A GREAT band from the Highlands who all at once seem to be baggy, Britpop and Ben Folds Five wrapped up in pop melodies." Daily Record

"Certainly one's to keep an eye on" Jim Gellatly, XFM

"Flawless songwriting and A+ presentation of songs" Highland News

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