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Stone Roses


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Ian Brown has played a full set of Stone Roses songs for the first time in almost ten years last night.

But the cool thing is that for the show the Stone Roses star hired members of a tribute band called Fools Gold. And they are from Aberdeen (Played Music Hall with Bez last year). This would have been a dream come true for them.

The set list ran:

I Wanna Be Adored

Sally Cinnamon

Song For My (Sugar Spun Sister)


Mersey Paradise'

Made Of Stone

She Bangs The Drums

Where Angels Play

Elizabeth My Dear

I Am The Resurrection

Fools Gold

My Star

If Dolphins Were Monkeys

Golden Gaze


Time Is My Everything

Well done to Fools Gold!!!

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I'm surprised no-one picked up on him being in Aberdeen last week - he was spotted in Bruce Miller's & at the airport. Even more surprised that none of you knew where they were rehearsing at - The Sun certainly knew there was something up as they called twice.

Only the bassist & guitarist from FG played with him - his regular drummers played the gigs.

And he signed my Stone Roses CD which made me happy!

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