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Dizzy Storm

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MENDEED...touring to promote their new mini-album, "From Shadows Came Darkness" out on August 9th on Rising Records... www.mendeed.co.uk

"Their sound is a crazy yet invigorating hybrid of old school nineties thrash and traditional British metal, flanked with loins of hardcore. Oh and there's also just a shiver of death metal in there too. It's like a cream soup of Testament and Exodus, with occasional flavours of Metallica, garnished with Iron Maiden and croutons of Stampin' Ground - slurped by the ghost of Chuck Schuldiner. Okay, it sounds totally mad, but there is no doubt at all that it works....These blokes take traditional thrash and introduce it to 2003, where they make friends with hardcore and then bear their arses to Satan. Simply genius." - I WILL BE HEARD WEBZINE 2003.

Mendeed touring with label mates DEFENESTRATION, local support from ELEMENT 106



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if anyone saw this weeks Kerrang! Mendeed got 4 k's in a review (page 48 i think) for their new album....and i think Defenestration got 4 too...

gonna be a bit of an early start, doors at 8, E106 on at half 8...gotta squeeze 3 bands in before 11 with Mendeed and Defen both doin 45 min sets

so get there early!!

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
Can give you your Spike CD if your there :up:

Better start burning some more of the fucking things then, hadn't you? I've only a few left, so get your arse to Tesco for 50 blank CD's. They're selling OK, and I've been trading them too. Oh, and another thing, I need some more front covors.(Deliberate spelling mistake, Hoglet knows why!)

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